The Clausroom (under construction)

welcome to the clausroom. here you will interact with my little man, Claus, and guide him along in life. you can use the next and back buttons to navigate the pages, and if text is bold, then it means that you've gotta leave a comment to tell either me or claus what to do! for example, leave some comments of names for these dudes.

After a very long train ride to his new classroom...
Claus finally arrives.

claus is in his classroom now, but doesn't know what table to sit at! where should this dude go?

he made his way to the table and started to introuduce himself to his new peers, but he needs something cool to say about himself what should he say?

before he had a chance to introduce himself to only his group, everyone in class started coming up and saying something about themselves.

the girl with large teeth said her name was shelley, and that she hoped to get along with everyone just fine. after her, the half-and-half creature came up and waved at everyone then went back to the table. the diamond shape and melon headed creature came up an introuduced themselves as chalk and concrete respectively. the stickman came up and started crying. no liquids came out but it was still clear he was crying. he sat back down after.

the school bell rang shortly after everyone in the group had been seated. looks like today was a short day, and its time for claus to return home. should he go by himself, or ask another student to walk with him?

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