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Under Construction. All items non-functional.

Increases the clicks/second per the number of farmers you currently have.

Cost of Upgrade:


Apple Farm

Apple Counter: 0

Apples Per Second: 0

Messages from Me


Number simplification is now a feature. Instead of having 1,500, a number will now display as 1.50k. This is both useful for the user to be able to quickly identify the number on screen, and for the window that way numbers don't overflow and change the screen sign. If you encounter an issues with this (ex. a number doesnt simplify) please let me know that way I can fix it.


The upgrades tab is now functional with one whole upgrade! Once you have 20 farmers, you can purchase an upgrade to your cursor with the cost of 5000 apples. This upgrade multiplies the cursor strength by how many farmers you have, so at minimum you'll be getting 25 apples/click once you upgrade. Pretty neat huh? Dark mode is also now in progress, and after that I'll get to work on making this tab the proper place to display your purchases. Can you tell I'm avoiding that part? If you have any suggestions, you all know where to reach me. Oh that reminds me, I need to make a credits page too.


I'm going to start documenting major changes here until I add the actual content I want in this section. Added tab to the left column to make room for settings and upgrades. Version will stay at 0.# until I get to a version I feel has all the basic features I want like purchases, upgrades, settings, and an area to display purchases. The previous update is marked as 0.01, since it wasn't truly marked as an update when first made.


"added gardens and changed cursors to farmers."


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Hannah Hill, Source

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W3Schools, Source

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Dhmstark, Source

jQuery Ui: Source

Everything Else:
Me :), Source

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